Top 5 Pirate Party Ideas

two pirate flags against green trees

A pirate themed birthday party is great fun for both pirates and landlubbers! Keeping them entertained with some interesting games is not always easy, unless you have some great pirate party ideas! Some fun pirate games for kids would be a treasure hunt, creating a pirate story, making your own pirate hat, donut eating contest, and pin the patch on the pirate. These fun games are super easy for young pirates to play! They are very enjoyable and fair!

Pirate Treasure Hunt

This game is much like a scavenger hunt. You can hide various treasure objects around a small neighborhood park or your backyard. The kids can look for the toys that are on the list. This gives all the kids a fun and easy way to find cool treasure. Treasures can include anything from fake jewels and coins to toy telescopes and toy parrots.

Create a Pirate Story

This game is much like a Mad-Libs. It is enjoyable for everyone and easy for young kids to do.They can fill in the blanks to the pirate story! It’s fun to see what crazy stories they’ll come up with! They can also take home their stories, too.

Make your Own Pirate Hat

To create your own pirate hat, download, print and cut out this pirate hat template. Staple two sides of the hat together. Then, they can design and wear their own pirate hat! It gives them the chance to get creative and have a fun party hat to wear. They can design them with markers, glitter glue, beads, pom-poms, colored pencils, or crayons. This activity is good for kids because it’s not competitive and lets them have freedom to design their hats how they want.

Donut Eating Contest

Eat like a pirate! For this game, you will want to take a bar and tie strings to it. At the bottom of the string, attach mini donuts to it. Hold this bar above the kids, just high enough to reach their mouths. They must keep their hands behind their backs and eat the donut off the string with nothing but their mouths. The first one to finish their donut wins!

Pin the Patch on the Pirate

This game is just like the old-school game of pin the tail on the donkey. Have a poster of a pirate hung up and blindfold the kids. Spin them around three times and let them try to pin the eyepatch (with double-sided tape on the back) on the pirate. Whoever gets closest to the pirate’s eye wins!

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What are your favorite pirate games for kids?